I was born in a crossfire hurricane. I was born a coal miner's daughter, born to sing the blues ...

Wait a minute.

Let's get serious.

I'm Danielle Cunningham, CEO of Serious Media, and I'm deeply honored by your visit. So I'm not going to write a bunch of keyword-studded copy for the sake of SEO, or rattle off a generic list of the virtues of good design, or instruct you what to look for in a creative agency.

Here's why not: Serious Media isn't just a business, it's a movement. I built this full-service creative agency on decades of practical and professional experience, but it's fueled by my passion to create, connect, and inspire. My team of creatives bring extraordinary expertise to print and digital design, branding and identity, video and multimedia, public and media relations, social media, built environments, and special events.

The Serious Media core values: Creativity heals. Integrity rules. Design has a soul. Work is a joy. We approach every project as an opportunity to create the change we want to see in the world, and we respect each client as a valued collaborator. 

Extraordinary creative work communicates, inspires, and teaches, while developing relationships and movements and spreading ideas. Our job is to support projects, products, and services, to help businesses and people connect, engage, relate, and grow. Serious Media is a full-service creative firm based in San Antonio, Texas. We create unique graphic design and marketing collateral that is recognized and remembered.

Thank you for considering us. I encourage you to peruse the gallery of recent work. And on behalf of the Serious Media team, I don't just invite you to get in touch - I welcome you with open arms.

Peace and love.